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All you want to know about the Board MLM Plan

Bangalore - March 20, 2017, 1:40 pm
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The Board MLM Plan or Revolving Matrix MLM Plan is suitable for companies that wish to keep each network small and wish to have minimal control over how each network behaves as long as it achieves its targets.
The network marketing industry has various MLM business plans that it uses to attract sponsors/ established distributors and compensate them accordingly. These plans are mainly the reason for many people who work primarily in this industry to jump ship to other companies that offer better compensation plans.
The Board Plan, also known as the Revolving Matrix MLM Plan is a very successful MLM business plan for all organizations that are not too big or don’t aspire to grow too big. While no one chooses to stay small, if your organization is selling premium products, you may be forced to keep these companies small in order to keep a tight control on supply and ensure that your product is able to command the premium price that you want it to have.
The Board Plan lets you have only two trees/ legs/ downlines under you. The company will set the number of members that each board or network can have. The moment you cross that limit, your network gets split into two or more networks and the best performing members are promoted to the top of this new network. This cycle keeps repeating continuously.
Once a person joins a company under this plan, he or she is allotted a board with details that specify their targets and the sponsors start getting paid only when they achieve these targets. These are usually for the number of people who join their network and for the sales that is achieved by them.
The MLM income calculator for this plan also rewards sponsors for selling products and signing on new members. New members have to pay a joining fee, but every time they complete a certain level or achieve a target, the company gives them twice the amount of money they paid while joining plus an additional incentive. You as the head of the network may set the amount of commission for your network as long as it is in line with your performance and the MLM company agrees with it. A few other benefits that one can earn apart from what they get from their MLM income calculator are loyalty benefits and referral commissions.
The Board Plan is a well recognized business plan in USA and other developed countries. There are many types of board plans that exist currently. They are mentioned below:
Single board plan
Multi board plan
Shuffling board plan
Auto filling board plan
Manual filling board plan
Board plan MLM Income calculators are said to offer some of the highest earnings per sponsor/ distributor due to the limited/ small size of the MLM network that is kept at all times. This has been said to be the major reason for the low attrition rates that a network marketing business has when following the Board Plan.
The Board Plan is preferable to many companies as less number of employees and sponsors also means less overhead costs and other costs associated with running a large scale business. This would include less salaries (even though it would mean more salaries per person), more clients handled per person, more sales per head, etc. This is the model that every company aims to have – low inventory, less number of employees and more sales and revenue, .i.e. more revenue per person.
Most MLM businesses use complex softwares to handle their daily work related to managing the company and the various responsibilities that come with it. DNB MLM Software Solutions is an MLM software developer that has always been focused on providing customized software solutions for the MLM industry. As an MLM software developer with rich expertise in the domain, they have been able to help MLM companies optimize their potential irrespective of the MLM Business plan that the company employs.
Every network marketing business may decide to have its own variation of the MLM business plan, but largely they do not vary from what has been explained above. However, a company may choose a plan on the basis of the products it is selling and also on the basis of the competition it faces. So, make sure you do your research and choose a plan that truly suits you.


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